Fr. Hunwicke on the Importance of Latin

Fr. Hunwicke penned an excellent post about the necessity of studying Latin in order to then study theology, referencing St. John XXIII. Father Z also commented about the post here, another must read.

I found the following bit quite fascinating:

As long ago as 1933, C S (‘Patrimony’) Lewis advanced the suggestion that the attacks – even then – upon the position of Latin and Greek as the basis of education, might be part of a plot devised in Hell to subvert the Faith. In The Pilgrim’s Regress he reminds the reader that “till recently” members of our society “had been made to learn” these languages “and that meant that at least they started no further from the light than the old Pagans themselves and had therefore the chance to come at last” to saving Faith. “But now they are cutting themselves off even from that roundabout route … and suppressing every kind of knowledge except mechanical knowledge”. He believed that this shift had much to do Lwith the need of the educated classes to cope with the increasing disinclination of the lower orders to work in domestic service, and added “No doubt the great landowners in the background [scilicet devils] have their own reasons for encouraging this movement”.

Can we connect the spiritual decline in the West with the lack of emphasis upon learning Latin and Greek? Interesting idea that might not be too far off. It’s another reason to engage in a cultural renaissance by learning to read and pray in these essential languages.

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