Ancient Wisdom ~ Isocrates on the Sophists


From Isocrates’ Against the Sophists:

If all who are engaged in the profession of education were willing to state the facts instead of making greater promises than they can possibly fulfill, they would not be in such bad repute with the lay-public. As it is, however, the teachers who do not scruple to vaunt their powers with utter disregard of the truth have created the impression that those who choose a life of careless indolence are better advised than those who devote themselves to serious study.

What concern does the modern public system of education have with truth? Many would, I am sure, agree with Pontius Pilate in his assessment, “Quid est veritas?” (“What is truth?”) Relativism sways the modern mind, and the system of public education leans that way. But how can we claim to have any knowledge, or how can we claim to teach anything if truth is not the end goal of our pursuit.

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